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I provide a heady elixir of the science of persuasion, storytelling, behavioral design, and leadership combined with experience from the stage. I weave Western principles of success with Eastern wisdom without being woolly. But you can probably already feel that in your first chakra… I use comedy, music, and gastronomy as sources of inspiration and metaphors to share insights into the power of communication. 

This means you get the following::

Clear message design

Solid content, tight structure , and an empathetic, action-oriented message. A story that touches your audience’s hearts and minds. Because if you want to change your stakeholders’ behaviors, you have to reach them on an emotional level too. People say what they think but do what they feel.

Impactful live delivery

Form and content are inseparable. If you know and feel what you want to say, you will be able to convey your story convincingly. You will dare to be in the moment and make real contact with yourself and your audience. Your outside – your voice, hands, and body language - then follows as a matter of course. If you dare to stand with facing the light, shadows fall behind you.

Boost your personal power

It’s a liberating feeling when you make your inner world outward. If you dare to give direction and do not shy away from confrontation and give yourself 100%. You will come to know the powerful feeling of accepting success or perish at the hand of your own truth. But even the latter is better than going down with someone else’s story. The spotlight turns to sunlight: your budding story flourishes.

The golden gun

It would be quite the ego boost if I were to write that I have the keys to guaranteed success. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Professor Hans Hoeken of Utrecht University and his colleague Daniel O’Keefe of the North Western University worked on a meta-analysis of dozens of review studies on communication message design for three years. Their most important conclusion? There is no golden ticket to success

This conclusion is in line with my experiences. During my training courses, I always see that the design of stories is important, but stories only take off and speakers only start to make an impact when they really start to carry that message themselves. All the tools, structures and tricks are ‘inward looking’. It is about your guts and urgency as a speaker. You are the golden gun that shoots magic bullets, or techniques, if you will. I don’t focus on the ‘outside’, but on making sure you believe in your story and dare to be vulnerable, so that you can become bulletproof..

THE 7 Speaker notes of
the messenger

Setting down a powerful message starts and ends with you. It is an intensive, creative process. In my opinion, most persuasion techniques and modes of storytelling are only effective if they come from youIn de Westerse wereld bestaan er 12 muzieknoten waarmee miljoenen verschillende nummers worden gecomponeerd. Na het bestuderen van de beste speeches ter wereld en na jarenlang samengewerkt te hebben met de absolute top heb ik het geheim ontrafeld wat deze verhalen zo impactvol maken. De sprekers maken allemaal – bewust of onbewust 😉 – gebruik van 7 strategieën : “The Speaker Notes of The Messenger’. This means that something has to already be or happen within you. Een goed verhaal komt niet zomaar uit de lucht vallen, maar wordt afgeschoten door jou. De woorden beginnen overigens allemaal met een V…. geloof jij in voeval?


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